Omar Abdel-Wahab

A friendly geek, a serial entrepreneur and a veteran hacker.
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Combining technical, business and human aspects of building technology products and startups thanks to over 14 years of experience.


Senior Software Engineer @ Ocono

Apr 2017 - Present

CTO @ Eventtus

Oct 2015 - Feb 2017

Interim CTO @ Appenza

Jun 2015 - Aug 2015

Architected the company’s first product using a single code base to deliver both web and mobile apps using AngularJS, Cordova and Ruby on Rails.

Co-founder/CTO @ OverC Studios

Jul 2013 - Jan 2015

Built and architected multiple cross-platform mobile and web applications using Ruby on Rails, Ionic Framework and Electron. Recruited and managed a team of 13 people.

Technology Manager @ Raya

Aug 2011 – Jun 2013

Helped a team of 16 engineers switch to Open Source software development, built the first 2 Egyptian social networks: OshareK and Nassya.

Technology Manager @ Damlag

Jul 2010 - Jul 2011

Architected the first offline/online movie ticketing system in Egypt now selling 100K+ tickets per month.

Lead Software Engineer @ NTG - Egypt Development Center

Apr 2009 - Jul 2010

Maintained a 1M hits/min portal and mentored a strong open source team.

Senior Software Engineer @ OpenCraft

Mar 2006 - Mar 2009

Built multiple Drupal-based solutions and a continuous delivery solution for Drupal.









I am a college dropout.